Daniel mafe CV

2010 Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology (PhD)
1983-86 Royal Academy Schools, London (Post-Grad. Diploma in Painting)
1980-83 City and Guilds School of Art, London (Diploma in Painting)

2009 Sites of Abstraction, Diagrams of Need, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane
2008 Porch Songs II, Jan Manton Art, Brisbane
2007 Porchsongs, Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane
2006 PeerPresure I, Jan Manton Art, Brisbane
2005 FieldWork, Esa Jaske Gallery, Sydney
2005 ScreenPlay, the Block, QUT Cultural Precinct, Brisbane (forthcoming: collaboration with Andrew Brown)
2004 Phrasing, Tom Heath Gallery, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane
2004 First Love, Jan Manton Art, Brisbane
2004 Esa Jaske Gallery, Sydney
2003 Palace Gallery, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
2001 RedbackArt Gallery, Brisbane
2000 RedbackArt Gallery, Brisbane
1999 RedbackArt Gallery, Brisbane
1998 Full Circle, RedbackArt Gallery, Brisbane (formerly Savode Gallery)
1997 Shadowplay, University of Queensland Art Gallery and Museum, Brisbane
1997 Savode Gallery, Brisbane
1996 Savode Gallery, Brisbane
1994 Savode Gallery, Brisbane
1994 Empty Rooms, Photospace, Canberra Institute of Art
1993 Resemblance, Savode Gallery Brisbane
1993 Relente, Pinacotheca Gallery, Melbourne
1992 Savode Gallery, Brisbane
1991 Syme-Dodson Gallery, Sydney
1991 Pinacotheca Gallery, Melbourne
1991 Savode Gallery, Brisbane
1990 Sandra Higgins Fine Art, London
1989 Syme-Dodson Gallery, Sydney
1988 Towards the Mountain, Gardner Centre Gallery, University of Sussex, England
1988 Lanchester Gallery, Coventry Polytechnic, Coventry, England
1987 Oxford Gallery, England

2011 Drawn to Abstraction, Jan Manton Art, Brisbane
2005 Beijing Film Academy New Media Festival, China (curated by Sephen Danzig)
2005 jOurney, the Block, QUT Cultural Precinct, Brisbane
2004 Abstracting the Collection, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Victoria
2004 Summer Show, Esa Jaske Gallery, Sydney
1999 ExitGenres & the Experience of Reading, Soapbox Gallery, Brisbane
1998 Recent Acquisitions, Brisbane City Gallery, Town Hall, Brisbane
1998 Shop 49B, Brisbane
1997 30 Years of Cheltenham Fine Art Fellows 1967 – 1997, CGCHE, Cheltenham, England.
1997 ExitGenre, Palace Gallery, Brisbane (curated by Daniel Mafe)
1996 ACAF5 (Australian Contemporary Art Fair) Melbourne
1995 Have a Look, Queensland University Art Museum
1994 Recognitions, Savode Gallery, Brisbane (curated by Daniel Mafe)
1994 Reference Points III, The Immediate Past, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane
1994 Myer-Bailleau Collection – The 80’s, Museum of Modern Art, Heide Park, Melbourne
1993 Homage, Brisbane
1992 Chamois Phantome, Performance Collaboration, Woodward Theatre, QUT Brisbane
1991 Laboratory, Installation/Collaboration, Palace Gallery, QUT
1991 Choke Hold, Installation/Collaboration, IMA, Brisbane
1991 Drawing Show, Syme-Dodson Gallery, Sydney
1990 Aberdare Art Prize, Ipswich City Council Regional Art Gallery
1990 British Abstraction, The Oscar Friedl Gallery, Chicago, USA
1989 Sandra Higgins Fine Art, London
1988 British Narrative Painting, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
1988 Australian Bicentennial Commemorative Show, Fischer Fine Art, London
1987 John Moores, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
1987 Art for the City, Lloyds of London
1987 South Bank Picture Show, London
1986 New Contemporaries, ICA, London
1986 New Faces at the Warwick, Warwick Arts Trust, London
1986 Europe Prize for Painting, Ostende, Belgium
1985 Whitworth Young Contemporaries, Manchester
1985 Royal Academy Summer Show
1984 London Group

2005 Milan Studio, New York, Visual Arts and Craft Board of the Australia Council
2002 Atrium Floor, Royal Brisbane Herston Hospitals Art Built-in Project, Brisbane
1999 QUT Creative Works in the Arts and Design Grant
1996 Greene Street Studio, New York, Visual Arts and Craft Board of the Australia Council
1994 Painting Residency, Canberra Institute of the Arts
1986-87 Painting Fellowship, Gloucestershire College of Art & Technology, Cheltenham
1987 John Moores, Liverpool, (prizewinner)
1987 South Bank Picture Show, (prizewinner)
1986 Europe Prize for Painting, (prizewinner)
1985 Royal Academy Summer Show, London, (prizewinner)

Artbank, Sydney
Bailleau-Myer Collection, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Victoria
Brisbane City Gallery
Brisbane Grammar School
Griffith University Collection
Museum of Fine Art, Ostende, Belgium
New Parliament House Collection, Canberra
Queensland University of Technology
Queensland Art Gallery
Queensland University Art Gallery and Museum
Rockhampton Art Gallery and Museum