Daniel Mafe : Grandiflora II 3 Sept – 4 October

Grandifloria II

I work with and against a broad range of cultural references such as contemporary abstract painting, gestural and colour field, Chinese ink painting, and the decorative excesses of the rococo, oriental carpets and chintz.  My paintings are cyphers to this inclusivity where a gestural exploration of the surface and paint is combined with an understanding of the painterly ‘field’ as a field sensitive to the allusive, that is the poetic, and the discursive, the conceptual.  I work this dynamic conception of the field with figurative and abstract elements that shape and twist themselves into expressions of lyrical promise.  This “lyric” grows out of a marriage between the materiality of paint and pre-existing floral images, where they together coalesce within of the very activity of painting itself.

Daniel Mafe