Miles Hall : Détrempe et Tourage 6 – 30 August

Détrempe et Tourage

Used in patisserie to describe the process of layering and the building up of surfaces, ‘Détrempe et Tourage’ is a technical term I have borrowed to highlight the physical processes involved in the act of painting.

The painter and the patissier share a common pursuit – both are concerned in some way or another with the amalgamation of independent stratums that combine to generate an overall experience for our senses. For the painter, oil, medium and pigment are blended to the required chromatic and material consistency and then applied to a support with a spatula, brush or tool.  Layers are developed and combine in often surprising, mysterious ways.

I find this process of layering to be most compelling – these works are testaments to my desire to render the act of looking into a visually sensual, tactile experience.

Miles Hall