Nadine Cameron : Creations of Nebulae 19 Nov – 20 Dec

 “The gem is such a powerful object and can be viewed as a symbol of time as you can hold the passing of millions of years in your hand. The push and pull literally and figuratively between objects like moons, stars and planets and humans is so intriguing.”

Nadine Cameron utilises materials traditionally associated with gold and silversmithing, including precious metals, semi precious and precious stones to create three-dimensional artworks.

Through her practice and creation of exquisitely beautiful, hand crafted objects, Cameron explores various concepts including the cultural relevance of body adornment and heraldry, and the symbolism and awarding rituals of medals.

Creations of Nebulae will present examples of Cameron’s ongoing inquiry into the cosmos, geological time frames, the ephemerality of time and space, and the overwhelming and unfathomable enormity of the reality within which we exist.