Imants Tillers and Dadang Christanto ‘Dual Worlds: Views of the Landscape’, 4 Nov-23 Dec 2010

Shin Koyama ‘Once Upon A Time…’, 29-23 Oct 2010

Stephen Hart ‘Something Like This’, 2-25 Sep 2010

Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, Dick Roughsey, ‘Goobalathaldin: Rough Sea’, 20-22 Aug 2010

Kim Demuth ‘Second Hand Pose: Portraits of the unknown’, 4-28 Aug 2010

Ken Yonetani ‘Ultrabuddha: That is Why I Want to be Saved’, 7-31 Jul 2010

Judith Wright ‘Desire’, 9 Jun-3 Jul 2010

Jude Rae ‘Still Life Paintings’, 13 May-5 Jun 2010

Alfredo + Isabel Aquilizan ‘In God We Trust’, 14 Apr-8 May 2010

Joachim Froese, Janet Laurence, Carl Warner & Judith Wright ‘Focus’, 17 Mar-10 Apr 2010

Dadang Christanto ‘The Rivers’, 3 Feb-13 Mar 2010