Chromophobia by Paul Snell is our opening show for 2013.

Works are available to view online and enquiries to
We look forward to seeing you at the opening event Saturday 23 Feb!


Michael Doolan ‘Between Wishes and Fears’, 3-24 Nov

Selected artworks by leading Indigenous artists, 8-27 Oct 2012

Ryan Presley ‘The Good Earth’, 5 Sep-6 Oct 2012

Joseph Daws ‘Paintings’, 1 Aug-1 Sep 2012

Daniel Mafe ‘Grandiflora’, 20 Jun-21 Jul 2012

Shin Koyama ‘Yume Makura’, 23 May-16 Jun 2012

Chonggang Du ‘Paper in East and West’, 28 Apr-19 May 2012

Samuel Tupou ‘Pan-o-vision’, 28 Mar-21 Apr 2012

Imants Tillers ‘Capricornia’, 25 Feb-24 Mar 2012