Heri Dono is unquestionably one of Indonesia’s highly regarded contemporary artists of his generation. Since graduating from the Indonesian Institutue of Arts in 1987, Heri Dono has exhibited extensively and participated in countless artist reseidences and workshops around the world.

Heri Dono is best known for his mixed-media installations derived from his experiments with popular Javanese folk theatre – Wayang. Heri Dono’s installations are a creative re-invigoration of traditional art practices that have been rooted in Indonesion culture for centuries. His performances merge elements of storytelling, mythology, humour, music and interactivity to engage audiences in a dialogue with the work.

His paintings depict wild deformations and fantasties from which characters of Wayang stories emerge. Adding his profound knowledge of children’s cartoon films, animation films, and comics, Heri Dono’s canvas is always filled with highly astonishing characters set against the artist’s own critical backdrop, commenting on on socio-political issues in Indonesia and abroad.