Imants Tillers wins 2012 Wynne Prize

Congratulations to IMANTS TILLERS - winner of the 2012 Wynne Prize.

“This painting is my version of Fred Williams’s Free copy of Eugene von Guerard’s Waterfall, Strath Creek, 1862. Von Guerard’s celebrated painting hangs in the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Williams’s work was a gouache executed in 1970. However, he went on to paint several significant original oils of this iconic subject. In my work, the waterfall somehow embodies the fleeting and mysterious nature of life. The waters of Strath Creek, after all, come from the catchments around Mount Disappointment (in Victoria). Super-imposed over the ever-changing movement of water, I have quoted the sentiments of a famous Indian sutra”:

The fleeting self
Like a beam
Like a vision
Like a bubble
Like a shadow
Like a dew
Like lightening